Knights of the Stellar Void

Prologue - The Setup
Quick general overview for Paco of what we hammered out while making characters

This group was formed by one of several fleets that set forth from the Inner Worlds chasing the glimmer of an unknown signal source, far out in the void. A small group broke off from the main fleet, and after several days’ of travel found themselves attacked by Ursine pirates swooping for plunder. In the ensuing battle, most of the ships were destroyed, and several ships came crashing down onto an uncharted planet.

Forced to put aside their differences, the survivors banded together against the elements. John’s psychic-attuned Noble diplomat took charge, taking Zhukov as his second-in-command to enforce law and order. Searching the planet with other survivors, redshirt NPCs all, they discovered the ruined remains of a crashed generation ship far larger than any of their shattered craft.

This wreckage dates back to the Dark Ages, a mysterious relic from before histoy. It had been laid low by a deadly missile barrage, and one of those missile’s targeting A.I. had gained sentience before striking its target—-what would have been its last minutes of life turned into its birth. Lodged in the hulk, the A.I. had become a melting pot of decaying systems, a hive-mind of subroutines and functions melded with those of the ship.


Repaired with the remains of their crashed vessels, the survivors took off in the repaired generation ship, once more in search of the far-off signal source. The ship itself will hold—-for now—-though its cargo holds are seemingly endless, and only a fraction of its systems are running. The more pressing matter is dissent among the crew. Some of the Ursine pirates are aboard and are resentful of the way the pure-strain humans treat them. A group of religious pilgrims has claimed most of C-deck. And there are several factions aboard, Nobles who continue to play the great game in a maddening quest for power.

Will our brave heroes manage to unite these factions and pull together for the greater good? Will the ship hold together long enough to find an outpost or lost colony with which to trade? How much control over the ship does the A.I. have, and how much control can it exert over the multitude of its own self? What of the other ships, the other fleets, heading off towards the mysterious signal source—-and does that signal foretell doom or glory?

Find out next week…


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