Thus far, humanity has discovered a number of sapient races in the galaxy. The most populous major and minor species are depicted below.

Major Alien Species

The Vrani are a tall and slender felinoid humanoid species. Their skin is golden in color and their hair is coarse and golden-brown, generally worn shoulder-length. Their eyes are yellow, with epicanthic folds; their ears are slightly pointed, with a tuft of hair at the tip resembling that of a lynx. They are war-like mercenaries feared across galaxies, but have their own unbreakable form of battle honor, and a sense of duty which prevents them from reneging on any battle contract they take.

Commonly called “bugs” due to their insect-like appearance. Hiver do have many features in common with terrestrial insects, especially when it comes to social organization, though they are a sapient and spacefaring species with their own sprawling galactic empire. Their strict caste system, hive mind, and frightening appearance can be off-putting to humans.

Minor Alien Species


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