As knights of the stellar void, you are only as worthy as your armour.

Armour comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 20-foot scout walkers to four-legged, heavily-armored behemoths, armed with weaponry ranging from slugthrowers to lasers, plasma cannon, rockets, swords and other implements, and beyond. Some have amphibious adaptation, others are built with jump-jets to bounce across the battlefield, while others are customized to fight in the coldness of deep space. They have become the de-facto armored vehicle in most warfare. While they are a number of base models, each lord outfits his armour to his own specifications, through the input of their advisors and tacticians.

It is a sign of prestige to own one’s own suit of armour not merely for conquest, but for the tournaments and duels that populate most galas and events across Commonality space.



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